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In the baking world, its okay to pick favorites. Here's a couple of ours :) 

First things first, CHOCOLATE.

Because we want quality ingredients for the best possible flavors, we use Callebaut Chocolate in our bakeshop. Callebaut is a Belgian chocolate company that only uses the highest quality cocoa beans

Callebaut has a huge variety of chocolates, including Ruby Chocolate, which we use for our Ruby Chocolate Coconut Macaroons. 

Shop their Dark Chocolate, Ruby Chocolate and White Chocolate



Its true, we love chocolate.

Alongside Callebaut, we use Ghiardelli white chocolate as a base for a lot of our pastries and cookies. Ghiardelli's white chocolate is a smoother, more basic base that adopts other flavors nicely, versus the bold white chocolate flavor that Callebaut's white chocolate has.

Grab Ghiardelli's White Chocolate here!

Things are getting hot over here!

In a fast moving kitchen, temperature that is quick and accurate is so vital, that's why we use the best of the best in thermometers.

Thermoworks is fast, accurate, and reliable which makes it perfect for any small business or home kitchen. We use a few different varieties of thermometers for different items, but one of our favorites is the ThermapenONE, which is small, handy, and reads temperature in one second. 

Find the ThermapenONE here and the DOT Alarm Thermometer here.

Lets talk mixers...

Kitchenaid is a kitchen essential for a reason, sturdy, reliable and always gets the job done. We have a few different stand mixers, some smaller and then a large capacity floor mixer

Flour, flour and more flour

Because we only use the highest quality ingredients in our baking, we use Ceresota flour. Ceresota (also known as Heckers) is an all-purpose unbleached flour, specialized for the use of baking and pizza dough! While bleached flour is treated with chemical agents to speed up aging, unbleached is bleached naturally as it ages. This results in a bit of a denser grain that creates a more structured base in our dough.

Grab their 5lb bags here.

Chocolate and sea salt, a match made in heaven.

Because we love the classic flavor combo of chocolate and sea salt, we had to find a quality salt that perfectly compliments our Callebaut chocolate. Our top pick was Maldon Sea Salt Flakes. Salt flakes from Maldon Lake in Essex, England have the perfect, snowflake-like consistency that pairs with our delicate and flavorful chocolate. 

Grab their Sea Salt Flakes here.

Maldon sea salt

Who doesn't love colors?

A colorful bakery is a happy bakery. With all the delicate flavors and textures we use in our kitchen, we had to find a food colorant that didn't change how our cookie tasted or felt, and with that in mind, we found Chefmaster Gel Food Coloring. Chefmaster creates vibrant colors while maintaining the perfect consistancy and flavor of our cookies.

Snag their variety pack here.



We're avid readers... of delicious recipes 😍

For a bakery with so many goodies, we need inspiration from somewhere. Barnes and Noble has become our home base for cookbooks to browse through, and we're always finding the next best thing to create in the bakeshop. A link to our fav bookstore is coming soon :)


Disclosure: This review is written solely for the benefit of our readers, we are an independent bakery that uses and recommends what works best for us and our kitchen. We may receive a small amount of compensation from the products listed, but all items have been thoroughly tested and these are our honest reviews.